Alan is a graduate in Industrial Design and Product Development from Centro de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (CEDIM), Mexico. He has worked on collaborative projects with popular brands, such as Heineken, PepsiCo, Alen, Gruma and Helvex. He has assisted great legends like Ariel Rojo (Mexico), Ezequiel Farca (Mexico), Gaston Bonaudi (Argentina), Marco Cimmatti (United States), Felix Hiller (Germany), Federico Hess (Brazil) and Enrico Gualersi (Italy).

His work reflects emotion, a great deal of functionality and impeccable design and styling aesthetics. 'The Weeping Women' and “Only Right Here” (Solo Aquí Tienes Derecho) by Alan symbolize a new era, where the designer's creation embodied a more humanitarian outlook to stop the bull fight in Mexico.

Alan is the winner of prestigious international awards, such as the Best Industrial Design in “Icons of Design 2013” by Architectural Digest Mexico, “Platinum A 'Design Award 2013-2014” (Italy) and his work is displayed in the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Design MOOD (Italy).